Firehead at Documation 2017

We’d like to congratulate Documation on a great event, held recently in Paris (29-30 March).

CJ Walker attended, representing Firehead as an Adobe partner, along with other partner companies (left-right): Ray Gallon, Stefan Gentz and Toni Ressaire.

“Documation was a great opportunity to catch up on developing trends in information delivery and what the future holds for the content world. We’re moving from pure documentation to an era of big data and intelligent content. The future of information is on the line – and it will need the proper tools to address the customer needs of the future,” said CJ, a digital communications recruiter whose company has also branched out into training.

Firehead runs classroom training in Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release) with a two-day introductory course approved by Adobe Technical Communication. Online training will also be available from autumn 2017.

Find out more about Learn FrameMaker 2017 or visit our Training section for details of other available courses.

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