How Bitesize helps clients

Ali-TurnbullFirehead Bitesize offers cost-effective content strategy help.

Ali Turnbull, one of Firehead Bitesize’s project leaders and head of fit to print in the UK, explains the value of taking some small first steps into your content rather than one expensive giant leap.

Where does Firehead’s new Bitesize content audit service fit into the big content strategy picture? To use a medical analogy, when treating your content problems, we are the general practitioners (GPs) of content strategy.

Primary care for your content
If you are feeling ill, your first point of contact is often a GP, who will offer you: diagnosis, health promotion, prescription and exercise tips. This is exactly what we do at Firehead Bitesize. Taking a content inventory and quantitative audit helps us diagnose the scale of a client’s content problem and make some basic suggestions.

The Firehead Bitesize report is like a prescription or an exercise diary. For some people, this may be enough to help them fix their website or intranet themselves and take control of their own content. Like GPs, we are ‘primary care practitioners’. We know a little about a lot, and we know our boundaries.

Secondary care for your content
When a health problem is bigger than the GP or the patient can manage, the GP will refer the patient to specialist hospital care. In the UK, this is also called ‘secondary or ‘acute’ care. Secondary care costs a whole lot more because we are now talking about beds, advanced diagnostic tests, MRI scanners and intensive care.

Like hospital consultants, secondary care content strategists have teams of specialists who know a lot about a little. We are not secondary care practitioners – but hey, we know some really top-notch specialists! The Firehead Bitesize audit report then becomes a referral letter. We hand over to the real experts and let them take on the major surgery.

Aftercare for your content
When a patient comes out of hospital, they still need looking after – stitches taken out, physical therapy, six-month checks and repeat prescriptions. The consultants can hand back the care to the GPs. Firehead’s content professionals make sure you have expert aftercare and tips to help you stick to your content strategy and ensure that your site never strays off the rails again.

For more information on Firehead Bitesize, contact us today. You can also find out more about what plug-ins are available on our dedicated Firehead Bitesize page.

Ali Turnbull is a web editor and content strategist, who fearlessly pokes around the back of old websites and intranets to help clear out the rubbish and keep what’s good. Ali heads up fit to print – a network of talented writers, editors, designers, illustrators and web developers based in the north of England all working to improve the quality of web content for clients in the business, public and voluntary sectors.

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