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Is your work a bitch? Beware moaning about it here!

Six working days – that’s how much time employees in the UK spend moaning about their employer each year, according to a recent survey. Recruitment firm RSG commissioned a poll of 2,000 British office workers and discovered just how much all …
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Topic-based authoring – join our webinar

Just a quick reminder that the final seminar in our Adobe® FrameMaker® 2015 Release series, run by course trainer Toni Ressaire and Firehead’s CJ Walker, is happening tomorrow at at 11am CEST (UTC +2). The topic is topic-based authoring – and you …
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Business cards: Do we really need them in the virtual world we live in?

I want to touch on a really killer topic – one that is probably keeping you up at night but you’re too ashamed to mention in public: What’s going to happen to the good old business card in this new …
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Six devious tricks for New Year career success

Vive la Resolution! The year is fresh and full of promise and most of us are plotting for it to be a good one for personal fulfilment, for health, for holidays, for a new job, for a promotion, for whatever …
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