What is a Bitesize audit?

Firehead Bitesize attacks your content issues quickly and effectively with a four-step audit.

A Bitesize audit will help you get control of your content. You’ll see the size and scope of what you have and what you need to do with it; break down the tasks into achievable, affordable chunks; prepare a working document for your web team; and get your redevelopment project moving.

1. List – content inventory
We list every content item on your website: text, images, video, audio, downloads, data and forms.

2. Count – quantitative audit
We zoom in on 10-12 pages from your inventory for a closer look. You can choose these pages or we’ll suggest ones that we think need special attention. We add data to your spreadsheet to answer such questions as:

  • How many pages/words are there?
  • How do the words score for readability?
  • How many times do keywords appear?
  • How many links are there?

3. Analyse – in-depth edit
We analyse 1–2 pages of your content inventory in depth, answering a set of more detailed questions:

  • Does the page serve its purpose?
  • Are headings/subheads appropriate?
  • Is the content accurate?
  • To what extent is the content valuable to the user?
  • To what extent does the content add value to your business?
  • Does this page align with your goals for it?
  • Does the page align with your brand?
  • Is tone and voice consistent within the piece?
  • Does it align with pages around it?
  • Are grammar, punctuation and spelling correct?
  • Does the content have a logical structure?
  • Are the benefits clear?
  • Is it in plain English, accessible and user-friendly?
  • Does the reader know what to do and where to go next?
  • So what? Do they care about what’s there?

We then use our analysis to write best practice sample pages of new content for your reference.

4. Next steps – content strategy
When we deliver your content audit, we show you how to take your content strategy forward. Our detailed report will be your blueprint for pages that really perform. We’ll help you break down the tasks into affordable and achievable chunks. When you have a good content strategy in place, for example, everyone in your team knows:

  • Which pages are their responsibility – assign
  • Which content they are tackling first and when the deadlines are – prioritise
  • How long it’s going to take and how much it’s going to cost – budget

Find out How Bitesize content strategy helps clients take a first step from one of our UK content strategists, Ali Turnbull. Or return to Firehead Bitesize for details of how to get started.