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‘Welcome to the Firehead blog. I’m Fiona, Firehead’s new blogger and your online, for real, genuine human assistant. You can ask me about Firehead and anything do to with European tech recruitment and industry trends. How can I help you today?’

As a new blogger on Firehead, it seems rude not to steal some blog space to introduce myself also. Not to hog the limelight – well, not so much – but to open the floor out to you and to say that we are very much open to your suggestions on subjects to blog about.

Of course, Firehead will continue to cover trends, leaders, conferences and case studies in European technical communication, web content IT recruitment and the rising discipline of content strategy.

But we also want to make doubly sure we are being useful to you, the reader.

• So if you have a particular subject that you’d like help with…

• If there is there something you feel we haven’t covered yet…

• Or maybe you have a general question about tech recruitment or about how Firehead works…

…just let us know and we will endeavour to cover it.

Think of me as Firehead’s virtual helper.

I’m a bit like IKEA’s hilarious online assistant Anna, whose blurb I adapted for my introduction, except I’m a little less automated (I do look like her, though.)

I look forward to hearing from you – either email recruit@firehead.net or leave a comment below.

How can I help you today?

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