A whole stack of content strategy links

In May 2010, we posted 1001 Content Strategy Links in an attempt to gather together all the useful links that were ‘out there’ on the subject. Since then the content strategy buzz has been building with many more posters and bloggers joining the conversation.

September-October 2010 has been particularly fascinating so, to keep up with what is going on in the world of content strategy, we’ve decided to regularly re-post our own content strategy bookmarks here on the blog each month.

Starting with a bit of a roundup:

Content strategy in 6 crazy-simple steps
Another great motivational post from Kathy Hanbury at E3. “Content strategy is difficult in the same way that losing weight is difficult. The process is not complex. It’s not hard to figure out what needs to be done. The challenge is in mustering the commitment and willpower to do it.”

Five Traits to Look for When Hiring a Content Strategist
And why – listed under the headers of curiosity, attention to detail and consistency, industry knowledge, superb organisational skills and cross-communication skills.

The Content Conundrum: Redefining Content Strategy
“How do you apply a content strategy against corporate goals? … Here are a few examples that illustrate the risk of not applying and the potential rewards.” We’d also direct you to Rahel Bailie’s guest post for Firehead on redefining content strategy.

Content Strategy: Why you should hire a content strategist
A great read and a shoe analogy to boot (geddit?).

The case for a chief content officer
Because they know how to leverage your content as a strategic asset. Check out the slideshow for what a chief content officer (or content strategist?) might do for a large organisation.

3 ways to get content strategy fundedFeaturing “a three-part model I think can convince executives from just about any organisation to invest in content strategy”.

Johnny Holland presents: Content Strategy Week
A post a day from some of the leading lights of content strategy featuring five different types of content problems.

Content strategy by the numbers, via semantics
How content analytics and semantics can inform better content strategy – by analytics guru Seth Grimes, with input from Randall Snare and Elizabeth McGuane.

Content Strategy, Digital Conversation Strategy, and a whole new wave of really, really, really awesome Social Media services. Or not.
It had to happen. This content strategy hater post triggered a LOT of conversation recently – the 93 comments make for a great read.

How Do You Make Time For All This Content?
Ie, how do you stick to your editorial calendar? A post full of good suggestions awaits.

Tell Me About Yourself, the Ready Answer
Struggling with the ‘tell me about yourself’ question? You’re not alone. In fact, we have a guest blog post being published this week on the array of job titles from someone considering whether to re-pitch what they do as content strategy. This post pulls together some suggestions on the art of the elevator pitch.

The content strategist elevator pitch
Speaking of elevator pitches… here’s a pretty good one from ‘Words are delicious’.

FREE content strategy for FREE
Some common sense guidelines to approaching content strategy via ‘The Extremely Cheap CS Guide’ – because not everyone has a budget.

Work accessibility into your content strategy
Richard is an out-of-the-box thinker who is very smart and should be listened to. And that’s an order! Here, he’s posting on what can we do to help people with disabilities enjoy the modern Web and all its multimedia glory?

Mapped blog
Mapped is funny, intelligent and hot on topical content strategy discussions, as well as providing some great reference material. Check out their latest post about Web-related job titles – did we mention already that we have a guest blog coming on this very subject later this week?

iQ Content
We also like Dublin-based iQ Content for their interesting and engaging bloggers. Here is iQ’s blog archive for content.

Five Reasons why Content Strategy comes before Social Media
Content marketer supreme Joe Pulizzi argues five important reasons why content strategy comes before social media marketing.

How Much Does a Content Strategist Cost?
It’s the big question – and here is an attempt to answer it with something better than ‘It depends’.

More links next month…

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