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A collection of the content strategy presentations, blogger reviews and panel recordings from SXSW Interactive 2011, which took place in Texas last week.


SXSWi 2011 Writing Workshop with @BettyDraper: Saying it short
One for Mad Men fans: a lesson in telling short, apt stories with none other than Betty Draper (aka actress January Jones).

Long after the thrill (sustaining passionate users)
Stephen P Anderson picks up on the gaming layer that was the big trend of SXSW 2011 and looks at how human nature responds to ‘delightful challenges’. Could your apps or communications be gamified by attaching a measure, creating a goal or adding a reward?

Avoiding the 11th Hour Sh*storm
Karen McGrane shows a selection of complicated process and workflows for design, UX, IA and other project management but when it comes to content, a last-minute miracle is supposed to occur. Why is there no content workflow or planning for who is going to create the content, deliver it, maintain it and strategise business value? This is the work of the content strategist and Karen goes on to suggest ways to get content issues addressed at an earlier stage.

App Savvy: Think First, Code Later
Slides that fuelled discussion and an interactive workshop on app strategy.

Creation, Curation, and the Ethics of Content Strategy
Margot Bloomstein looks at the moral side of your content work that arises through aggregation and editing, building a story for the audience, taking a perspective and curating content. How do you preserve integrity and maintain context? Here also is a review of the session by museum content manager Katie Cohen.

As an aside, I also discovered Margot’s slides from last year on how content strategy mixes with and supports other production roles – Content Strategy What’s in it for you? – which is worth a read if you aren’t sure what CS has do with design, IA, UX, search engine marketing and so on.

Blog posts

And on the subject of branded content and ethics…

SXSW Reveals Journalist Discomfort With Branded Content
New York content strategist Nathan Lump talks about the growing comms trend for brand journalism and brand commissing of editorial content. He notes the “suspicion that business goals could taint the content creation process and concern that consumers won’t be sophisticated enough to judge it with the proper amount of skepticism.” He asks if consumers are really in need of journalists to “protect them from being taken in by corporate messages”.

Content rules
Mitchell Fanning picks out the highlights from CC Chapman and Ann Handley’s session on content marketing.

It’s not my job — the ultimate content strategy smackdown!
Notes and a nice line from Kristina Halvorson’s SXSW panel: “It’s not about selling people on the idea of ‘doing content strategy’; ask the right questions. Find out who owns the content and go to them and figure out what is wrong with it with them.” You can hear the full recording on the SXSW event page. Also, check out this hand-drawn summary of the panel discussion.

Other media

Brave New World: Debating Brands’ Role as Publishers
A recording of the panel debate featuring content marketer Joe Pulizzi and others discussing the blurry line between marketer and publisher.

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