80+ Confab 2011 content strategy presentations and posts

Firehead’s supersized roundup of content strategy presentations, live blogs and conference reviews from Confab 2011 is here! Just one week on. In running/date order we might add. And categorised by content type. (Natch!) We’ve listed all we can find for our UK and European readers, as well as our content and web comms friends across the pond. But do tell us in the comments if we missed any. (Update: we’re adding more links all the time.)

As Europe’s leading recruiter of content strategists, we aim to be ON IT – so we hope you enjoy these links. We think it’s the perfect update to the 1001 content strategy links we published last year.

Kristina Halvorson. Photo: CC © Peter Karl II

Slides & presentations

Session notes & liveblogs

Special thanks go to Krista Stevens, Laura Creekmore, RavenArienne, Brian James Kirk, Stacey K Gordon and Technically Media for their dedicated note-taking – and for attending so many different sessions.




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