80+ Confab 2011 content strategy presentations and posts

Firehead’s supersized roundup of content strategy presentations, live blogs and conference reviews from Confab 2011 is here! Just one week on. In running/date order we might add. And categorised by content type. (Natch!) We’ve listed all we can find for our UK and European readers, as well as our content and web comms friends across the pond. But do tell us in the comments if we missed any. (Update: we’re adding more links all the time.)

As Europe’s leading recruiter of content strategists, we aim to be ON IT – so we hope you enjoy these links. We think it’s the perfect update to the 1001 content strategy links we published last year.

Kristina Halvorson. Photo: CC © Peter Karl II

Slides & presentations

Session notes & liveblogs

Special thanks go to Krista Stevens, Laura Creekmore, RavenArienne, Brian James Kirk, Stacey K Gordon and Technically Media for their dedicated note-taking – and for attending so many different sessions.




Reviews, opinion & discussion

Late adds


Official links

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  1. What a great aggregation of information and attendee observations! Thank you for your work. Now I need to do some reading!

    I didn’t live blog the sessions I attended, instead I opted for straight note-taking. I hope to push out some recaps later this week along with some thought morsels.

    Meanwhile, I was inspired to compile this quick list of excuses and follies – reasons why content isn’t important to some companies. I heard some of these discussed by people around me and wanted to shed some light (and have a little fun): http://insightsandingenuity.com/12-reasons-why-good-content-doesnt-matter-to-your-company/

  2. Thanks Fiona! How did you put the list together – did you go manually through the stream or try to extract the links automatically? I’m v interested in how to handle a humungeous stream like this one. Wonder if anyone was archiving it…

    It’s also interesting to compare and contrast your list with http://lanyrd.com/2011/confab/ – curation vs crowdsourcing?

    • Hi Ann,
      I learned a lot from this post: How to do a collective memory .

      Confab was difficult though. The flakey Twitter API and the frequency of tweets meant I wasn’t able to pick up a full archive. But I did monitor the hashtag and bookmark throughout the conference.

      There are still a lot of people out there processing their thoughts on their experience and those posts are still to come in. If they SEO them properly then I’ll pick them up. Note how many titles include the conference name.

      There are probably more out there that don’t – but I haven’t found them!

  3. Rachel Radway

    Fiona–this is fabulous! I wasn’t able to make it to the conference, but now I feel like I can catch up at least a little bit!

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