Content Marketing Show 2012 – full roundup in links

There’s nothing like a content marketer fresh out of a content marketing conference when it comes to creating conference content. Well, except for maybe a content strategist…

By all accounts the recent Content Marketing Show held in London in November was a stonking success and demonstrates the growing appetite for content marketing in Europe. Not only did it sell out of its (free) tickets within minutes but quite a few of its 350 or so delegates have been posting their conference thoughts online. As a recruiter in this niche area, we decided to collate as much of the conference wisdom as we could for for both content marketers and potential employers wanting to know more about content marketing.

Presentations & slides

Not all speakers have posted their slides but here are the available ones. There are also plenty of reviews below which pull out the main points from the other talks.


Video & infographics



Notes & recaps

Workshop recaps:

Content Marketing Workshops – Key Takeaways
Notes from the two workshops preceding the main event.

Detailed summaries:

Session summaries:

  • Notes from 3 Speakers at #ContentMarketingShow – 3doordigital’s notes on Tales from a Content Marketing Rookie, Using content to get Press Coverage and Successful Briefs – the key to getting good content.
  • Why an engaging narrative is essential to your content marketing strategy – eConsultancy review Ian Humphrey’s content marketing and narrative session.
  • The Great Magazine Heist: Stealing Content from Magazines – A review of Simon Penson’s talk by Bluepost Digital.

Bulletpoint recaps:

 Thoughts & tips:

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