How should you format your CV?

fingers on a keyboardWe’ve been opening up some of the process that Firehead conducts as a niche recruitment agency in digital communications – see our previous post on What happens when I send you my CV? Now we turn to how best you can format your CV for speedy registration and to optimise it for job applications.

We’re not talking what to put in your CV here – although there’s plenty of discussion on that here on the Firehead blog! – if you want inspiration. Rather, this is a quick guide about to how to format and submit your CV to Firehead so we can most efficiently manage your application.

1. Editable

Create your CV in Word file format (or similar software that is editable on a PC or Mac) so we can brand it. Please don’t send us a .pdf file as we’ll just have to call you and ask for an editable version.

We will never change your CV content except to replace your contact details with Firehead branding when we forward you for job opportunities. What you submit is what the client (and Firehead) sees – we believe this is the best, and most honest, way to represent you and your skills.

2. Time-ordered

We strongly prefer reverse chronological order, ie, most recent work experience/education/training first.

3. Keep it simple

Avoid over-the-top graphics or added bling. Straightforward, simple information is what our clients are looking for. Remember, you’re sending a CV for communications work; it should showcase your ability to present information.

4. A physical CV

No references to your ‘Online CV’ as your submission. We need a physical CV to send to clients. Despite the digital nature of the job roles, this is how our clients still work.

There you have it. If there are any further questions about formatting your CV then do come back to us – and we will consider this blog post a work in progress.

For more information, read our Candidate services page or, if you’re ready, submit your CV via our contact form.

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