Congility 2013 – conference links roundup

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Here is our collection of post-event wisdom from presenters and attendees at the recent Congility 2013 event.


Avoiding Bullwhip Effects: Content Strategy Optimisation Across Multiple Channels – Simon Bostock’s slides need a bit of contextualising but he says he’s working on this for the wider audience.

Transforming The Way People Use Legislation – Peter Camilleri from The Stationery Office explains how the use of technological innovation has improved service delivery while cutting costs to the taxpayer.


Reflections on the Congility conference – Speaker Ellis Pratt reviews the event and makes the point that perhaps tech comm professionals tend to focus on their productivity/efficiency more than the value of their work and how many users are actually reading it. He also raises the issue of technical communicators creating dull content efficiently, while marketers create interesting content inefficiently (to paraphrase Rick Yagodich’s talk).

Variety of themes and issues at Congility conference – Technical author Jang Graat, who led one of the Congility workshops and presented a talk on version control, gives his review of the event.


Congility webinars are posted regularly on the Congility site.  Here are the two most recent:

Content Strategy for Adaptive Content – Ann Rockley explains adaptive content – content that automatically adjusts to different environments and devices – and how many organisations may be missing a trick by focusing on responsive web design, which resizes a website but does nothing to provide the right content in the right context for customers.

How do you manage content when it must be delivered into several, parallel streams? – Adrian Warman, information architect at IBM, talks about issues with delivering technical content across platforms and how others have tackled, and solved, similar problems.

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