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CJ Walker at the Adobe stall at TCUK 2013Hi there. I had the pleasure of attending TCUK13, the UK’s biggest conference for technical communications, in Bristol from 24-26 September this year. As usual, it was both a great learning conference and a big reunion of regular attendees who look forward to getting together each year to have a good, geeky party!

I had the pleasure of (wo)manning the Adobe event booth (see the happy picture of me) with the international Adobe TechComms team, including Saibal Bhattacharjee, Vikram Verma (who came from India) and Maxwell Hoffman (who came from the US). France doesn’t seem so far from the UK.

For those who attended this year’s event, or just want to keep abreast of all things tech comm, here’s our special Firehead roundup of slides, reviews, pictures and other links from TCUK 2013. Enjoy!




Kai Weber blogged a number of session and workshop reviews:

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And finally…

We hope you enjoyed our collection of links from Technical Communication UK conference this year. Please check out our conference calendar of events going on this year – many of which we have already reported from or will be reviewing.

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