Kevin Spacey: Writing talent is essential to content marketing and corporate storytelling

Kevin Spacey speaking at CMWorldNot averse to a House of Cards box set here at Firehead, we were fascinated to see that Kevin Spacey, no less, was delivering the closing keynote for the 2014 Content Marketing World.

But what does Kevin Spacey care or know about content marketing? It’s a good question.

If you see the content marketing trend for storytelling as integral to your digital communications then the answer is quite a lot. Spacey can obviously pick ’em: American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, Seven, the House of Cards TV series… so his speech is essentially a summary of what he has learnt about how to tell stories that an audience will find irresistible.

But we particularly liked his parting shot that his characters – and by association, a brand’s corporate communications – are only as good as the writers who create them: “You’re only as good as the material you have.” As recruiters in the content marketing space, we couldn’t agree more that getting the right talent for the job is everything.

So, if you want to add some compelling Hollywood-style elements to your corporate storytelling, the highlights of his talk mention three of them. And if you just like Kevin Spacey, that’s fine, too; there’s even a bit of Frank Underwood drawl to look forward to.

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