Webstock 2016 – a quick pick of the links

webstock-2016The 10th anniversary of the (by all accounts) excellent Webstock in Wellington, New Zealand, took place last week. Webstock is billed as ‘a celebration of the web and its makers – the creativity, the magic, the craft and everything in between’ – and it attracts some serious thinkers from around the world.

It’s early days but we’ve been reading some of the conference wisdom and wanted to bookmark several posts for readers who are interested in…

Responsive design and accessibility

Ethan Marcotte is the web designer who coined the term ‘responsive web design’ back in 2010. In his ‘The Map & The Territory’ presentation at Webstock 2016, he talked about how new audiences are changing the definition of the Web and how to create broadly accessible experiences across device boundaries.

Luke Wroblewski, entrepreneur, author and currently a Google product director, has shared his notes on the talk here. They’re well worth a read for those trying to get a grip on responsive design in the real world.

Ethan also presented on this topic for An Event Apart – you can view his presentation on Vimeo.

The Internet of Things

Luke has also posted useful notes on technologist and product builder Tom Coates’ talk, The Shape of Things, on designing for the Internet of Things (IoT). Coates advocates a push on the service layer of IoT design and outlines six principles for the ideal service layer, which should:

  • give you control
  • support you from initial set-up to the day you recycle it
  • understand it will be used by multiple people
  • be able to work easily with other devices
  • should not expect you to be a programmer
  • communicate clearly and politely in ways that are timely and familiar.

We look forward to watching the talks from this year’s Webstock when the conference site is updated. You can catch up on past presentations from various leading digital luminaries, from Jason Kottke to Bruce Sterling, Karen McGrane to Kristina Halvorson here.

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