Topic-based authoring – join our webinar

Just a quick reminder that the final seminar in our Adobe® FrameMaker® 2015 Release series, run by course trainer Toni Ressaire and Firehead’s CJ Walker, is happening tomorrow at at 11am CEST (UTC +2).

The topic is topic-based authoring – and you don’t need to be a DITA expert to practise it.
The hour-long webinar will explain the advantages of topic-based authoring and how it helps you create nimble content. With nimble content, you can mix and match topics to create new outputs, re-use content, and create conditional text that allows you to easily change content, depending on the publishing format.

You’ll also learn how to accelerate your productivity (and boost ROI) with topic-based authoring using Adobe FrameMaker (2015 Release).

Register here…

Also, check out our new Learn FrameMaker 2015 training course (now updated to the 2017 release), which is adaptable to your needs. Get in touch to find out more about options on course delivery on this Adobe-approved course.