Three content strategy picks from CSForum16

CSForum 2016 logoCSForum16, aka Content Strategy Forum 2016, took place in Melbourne last month with many well-known content strategists in attendance, including Jonathon Colman, Rahel Anne Bailie, Hilary Marsh, Marli Mesibov, Rachel Lovinger and more.

Here is our pick of the links that we think you’ll find useful both as content strategists and leaders of content talent.

1. Creating the right culture for solving content problems

Jonathan Colman, Product UX and Content Strategy at Facebook, gave a keynote called Wicked Ambiguity and Content Strategy, on creating a culture for taking risks, incentivising people and problem-solving the unsolvable. Here’s an earlier video of his talk and you can get the transcript here.

2. How to get buy-in for content strategy

Rahel Anne Bailie, Chief Knowlegde Officer at Scroll, covered the ever-present issue of selling content strategy to management and ideas for how to talk about it in terms of business problems and impacts.

3. ‘What I’ve learned in 10 years as a content strategist’

Finally Rachel Lovinger, Content Strategy Director at Razorfish, has looked back on her long career in content strategy to outline and illustrate 10 things she has learnt – and what that means for you as a content strategist.

Having been active in the CS community from the very first CSForum in Paris in 2010, we particularly enjoyed her point on content strategy still being in its adolescence – referenced by an amusing array of slides including Mean Girls, Easy A, Heathers, The Hunger Games and Twilight. Yes, indeed, we may have been guilty of reflecting on it painfully and endlessly, like Bella and Edward.

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