Our 10 most popular reads of 2017

Happy New Year – and welcome back to work! We’re here to help you get back into the swing with some light distraction that may be relevant to your digital career interests. We’re starting 2018 by hijacking awards season and announcing our 10 most-read digital communications posts published in the past 12 months.

In reverse order…

  1. Useful links for digital communicators (monthly series)
  2. How to develop and launch your own mobile app
  3. Interview with a training manager 
  4. Interview with a plain language consultant and content strategist
  5. Documation 2017: defining the future of information and Industry 4.0
  6. Content Strategy Applied 2017 in review 
  7. Feeling behind on digital content? You’re not alone…
  8. 10 trends in techcomm and digital content
  9. How much does copywriting cost – 2017 survey results
  10. Ultimate list of 2017 digital and content conferences (the 2018 list is coming soon!)

And the lifetime achievement award goes to…

Submarine Toilet Flushing Instructions – aka ‘What technical authors do’ – a post from 2009 which still brought in a whole shoal of hits last year.

Happy reading!

Next week: 10 AI white papers to help you adapt to the future of work!

Image: (CC) Marco Verch/Flickr