What is omnichannel and how to get 30% off OmnichannelX tickets

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OmnichannelX 2021

OmnichannelX is one of our top picks in the content conference calendar. It is perfect for content designers, content strategists, UX designers, brand managers and content marketers looking to understand how they can improve the customer experience.

This year it is taking place online from 8-11 June 2021. Early bird registration is open until 10 April but we are also offering Firehead readers a 30% discount on all tickets and workshop packages.

Save 30% with Firehead now – visit our OmnichannelX conference page to get your Firehead discount.

What is omnichannel?

Businesses have taken advantage of new technologies to reach their customers in multiple ways. But each customer experience can be quite different as each team brings their own siloed processes and approaches.

Omnichannel takes these multiple customer touchpoints – across sales, marketing, customer service – and joins them up to ‘speak with one voice’ but also to contextualise and personalise the user experience. This approach offers the best experience for customers by supporting them seamlessly at all stages of their journey.

OmnichannelX Conference Director, Noz Urbina, explains more about omnichannel in this video.

What is OmnichannelX?

Aligning your organisation around the customer is the aim but how do you achieve it? How do you look at your customer journey through a customer’s eyes? How do you identify the gaps between what you want to do or say and what a customers need to see or do?

OmnichannelX is the event to answers these questions and support your omnichannel strategy. It focuses on how to align content, design, governance and systems around the customer journey.

There is one day of pre-conference workshops followed by three days of conference tracks and also interactive discussion sessions on a range of topics. The programme includes speakers such as Google’s Director of UX, Dr Elizabeth Churchill, PhD, the World Health Organisation’s Digital Content eXperience Manager, Christopher Strebel and others from Mastercard, Eli Lilly, Forrester Research, IBM, Oracle, Cisco and more.

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