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RoboHelp troubleshooting

Resolve your RoboHelp issues with our fast fix-it service from a Robohelp expert.

Adobe RoboHelp logoRoboHelp has been a mainstay of technical communication for a long time, long enough for projects to have been:

  • created and maintained in the days before modern coding practices
  • passed between authors with different levels of familiarity with the tool.

The result? Projects with a variety of legacy problems, such as:

  • bulleted lists whose bullets turn into numbers or lose their indent
  • tables with misaligned columns or columns that get merged for some reason
  • inconsistent head levels
  • text that disappears when converted to MadCap Flare
  • out-of-control style sheets – or even no style sheet.

Our RoboHelp expert has used, taught and fixed bugs in RoboHelp since it appeared in 1991. He has been certified since the original Blue Sky Software days in 1997, through Macromedia, to present-day Adobe. With that background, Firehead is now offering a Robohelp troubleshooting service, in which we will:

  • diagnose your project’s problems and explain what’s going on
  • fix problems in the code
  • fix your styles and style sheets
  • show you how to use RoboHelp to make sure problems don’t recur.

The work is quick and can most often be done remotely. If you’re sticking with RoboHelp but need a clean project, contact Firehead today to learn more about our RoboHelp troubleshooting services.

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