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    Live online, Classroom

    Author DITA XML topics and maps with FrameMaker
    About the course

    Increase the consistency in authoring and publishing DITA-based documents with Adobe® FrameMaker® 2019 Release.

    This is a two-day introduction course designed for users of Adobe FrameMaker, who want to create and publish DITA topics and maps. You should already be familiar with DITA and XML before enrolling on this course – check out our DITA Fundamentals e-learning course here.

    What you’ll learn

    You’ll learn how to identify DITA topics and maps, DITA information types and their role in single source publishing. You will then learn to use the structured authoring environment of FrameMaker, create and edit topics, and enrich your topics using typical documentation components (tables, graphics, references, lists). You will be able to check the validity of your structure.

    We’ll look at how to publish topics, including how to create a PDF from a topic, and you will discover the different publishing methods that can be used to generate PDF and HTML5 outputs from a DITA map.

    How you learn

    This Adobe FrameMaker training course includes live classroom training, either on-site at your location, or online via Adobe® Connect™. The course includes live demonstrations, explanations and activities to help you use FrameMaker as you learn.

    You’ll also receive course materials that you can reference during the two-day training. These learning materials are yours to keep and refer to after you’ve completed the course.

    Course overview

    This is a two-day introductory course aimed at technical authors who are familiar with DITA and XML but may be new users of Adobe FrameMaker.

    Day 1: How to create DITA topics

    This first day will cover the FrameMaker interface and how to use the structured mode in authoring with the main DITA information types. You will learn how to add graphics, tables, references, lists and other elements in such a way that the document structure is valid.

    Day 2: Using DITA features to create and publish content

    Next you will learn how the reuse and linking mechanisms of DITA are managed in FrameMaker. We will use DITA maps to organise content and then publish this content to PDF and HTML.

    Topics covered

    • Introduction to structured FrameMaker
    • Structured authoring concepts
    • Editing topics
    • DITA information types (concept, task, reference and others)
    • DITA references (contextual and indirect references)
    • DITA metadata
    • DITA maps and book maps
    • Publishing DITA

    A full course schedule is available on application.

    Course type
    Classroom, Live online
    Course duration
    2 days
    Course date
    Course tutor
    Philippe Zingoni

    Philippe Zingoni is an experienced technical communicator, trainer and consultant, and has been working in the field of technical communication for more than 15 years as an Adobe partner around techcomm products. He has created and delivered many courses around FrameMaker and RoboHelp, and has helped companies, large and small, to manage and produce their own professional technical information.

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