Customer journey mapping
About the course

A customer journey map (CJM) a vital tool in modern content projects. It helps us to understand our users’ potential experiences and brand interactions across multiple touch-points and channels. Once this is mapped, a business can help improve its processes, refine content targeting, and enable contextual and personalised content.

This classroom-based workshop is delivered in conjunction with our training partner Urbina Consulting, It is designed for digital communications professionals and anyone interested in honing their adaptive content skills and improving the online customer experience.

What you’ll learn

We’ll look at how CJMs work to paint a detailed picture of the user’s experiences, content needs and feelings across the stages of their journey, bringing together content requirements with a matrix of potential channel details such as devices, staff interactions and physical environments. This unifies a large amount of customer understanding into a consumable deliverable, allowing teams to build personalisation and omnichannel-ready content models and editorial plans.

Join our session to get a template, methodology and business justification for customer journey mapping that you can use with your teams and even colleagues across silos. Start improving your content strategies the minute you get back to work.

How you’ll learn

Customer journey mapping is usually delivered as a classroom workshop lasting one to two days, depending on level of customisation. Sessions can take place at your office or as part of an internal event you have already organised – wherever works. Just get in touch to discuss.

Learning is interactive so laptops with MS Office or a compatible suite installed are recommended. This session will also include hands-on exercises.

Who is the workshop for?

This session can be applied a variety of digital marketing and commercial communications, technical communications and content marketing. It is suitable for:

  • communicators of all kinds but specifically marketing and technical communicators
  • content marketers concerned about creating focused and value-added content
  • managers keen to have a deeper understanding of the process and challenge of going multi or omnichannel.

The training will help bridge gaps in your customer experience and content processes, and is one of the few sessions on the market that ties together the various content-related disciplines to help you build a unified strategy.

Course outline

Market context and business pressures

  • Why do we need to move to customer journey maps and customer journey map management now?

Key concepts

  • Why journey mapping? Market context and business pressures
  • Journey maps vs customer and sales lifecycles
  • Journey maps vs use cases
  • Journey maps vs process diagrams
  • Mapping in a collaborative environment
  • Mapping from journeys to content using a domain map
  • Managing and updating journey maps


  • Build a traditional journey map
  • Building an omnichannel journey map
  • Extracting content requirements from a journey map
  • Build maps that can support adaptive content

Learning objectives

You will walk away with:

  • an understanding of how journey mapping can improve content planning, modelling and targeting
  • a new methodology for evaluating content effectiveness
  • a framework with which to break down silos around content
  • an Excel template for mapping journeys and content requirements.


Previous session feedback:

“The levels of professionalism, expertise, skill + personal attention to detail were at a much higher level than any previous course I have attended!” – Head of Content Planning and Governance, Barclays Bank

“Noz is one of the best informed consultants in the industry, and his content personalization workshop offers practical, timely guidance that enables organizations of all sizes to have omni-channel impact with their content investments. Anyone who participates will come away with a much deeper understanding of the strategic opportunities for content reuse as well as practical, hands-on training to help them unlock this powerful tool in their enterprise.” – Content Strategist, Microsoft

“Noz is a terrific speaker and presented content modelling in an interesting manner. I definitely learned a lot and gathered many ideas on how to apply his methods in our projects.” – Gilbane participant (Insurance Industry)

What does it cost?

Contact us today to arrange your Customer journey mapping workshop and to discuss delivery options. Pricing is outlined below and workshops can be customised to suit your own content.

Workshop customisation is a popular option for many organisations. If you choose it, we will work with you prior to the workshop to analyse the content you want to work on and then adapt our course and exercises to best suit your needs.

‘Minimum participants’ represents the base cost of running the workshop. Fewer participants can attend but there will be a charge equivalent to the minimum.
‘Maximum participants’ is the largest recommended group for a session where each participant can engage with the group and material.

Customer journey mapping workshop (2 days)

  • 500 euros per participant
  • Includes coffee, biscuits and water
  • Customisation based on your own content is an extra 1750 euros.
  • 6 participants minimum, 8 maximum

Customer journey mapping workshop (1 day)

  • 375 euros per participant
  • Includes coffee, biscuits and water
  • Customisation not available
  • 8 participants minimum/maximum

These prices are based on training taking place at your premises. Trainer flight and hotel expenses will be extra.

You can get a 10% discount if training is delivered at our own venue in Valencia, Spain. We will provide coffee, tea, biscuits, and water during the sessions. All other participant costs, such as travel, food, and accommodation, are not included.

Image: © Urbina Consulting

Course type
Course duration
1-2 days
Course date
Course tutor
Noz Urbina

Noz Urbina is a globally recognised content strategist and modeller. He’s well known as a pioneer in adaptive content modelling to support rich, personalised, and contextually relevant content across the user journey. In fact, if you search for ‘adaptive content’ you’ll probably see his definitions in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

He is also co-author of the book Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits and recently wrote an excellent blog series for Firehead on adaptive content. Noz also teaches content modelling as a guest lecturer at the University of Graz, Austria.

To find out more about Customer journey mapping course, please enquire below.