Advanced technical communication – DITA fundamentals
About the course

This elearning training course, run in conjunction with our training partner Cherryleaf, will teach you about the principles of single-source authoring, using DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) as the XML technical writing standard.

The course is made up of 10 modules, delivered via the Web in small, manageable chunks. There are practical exercises so you will need to allocate around seven hours to complete the course. Alternatively, you can pause each module and complete the training at your own pace.

In addition, Cherryleaf has now expanded course access at no extra cost to subscribers. As well as DITA fundamentals, you will now have access to the full Advanced technical communication skills course, which includes:

  • Managing technical documentation projects
  • Planning and implementing a content strategy project
  • Single sourcing and content reuse
  • Revising and editing content
  • DITA fundamentals
  • Developing API documentation
  • Markdown – friend or foe
  • Writing and designing embedded help
  • Trends in technical communication

You can access the DITA fundamentals course and other modules in Advanced technical communication skills via a low-cost, month-by-month plan. You have access for as long as you subscribe and you can work at your own pace. Each module is self-contained, so you can take a single course or multiple ones, as you wish.

Click here for full course details and how to enrol.

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€36/month subscription
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Cherryleaf is a technical writing services company and training provider. It was formed in 2002 by four people with a passion for technical communication and learning development, and is based in London’s “Silicon upon Thames” and in Brighton, UK.

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