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    Enterprise content strategy
    About the course

    Learn the methodology to put content strategy to work across your organisation. This is a three-day course for writers, project managers, information architects and others who want to organise content production and delivery around clear objectives and processes. Each day has a different focus so you can sign up for a single day, depending on your needs.

    What you’ll learn

    You’ll learn how to build and communicate an enterprise content strategy – that is, the business goal you want to achieve with content and how you plan to achieve it. You will then learn how to apply this strategy for organising content teams and modelling your content.

    How you learn

    This course includes live classroom training at your location. The training is interactive, allowing you to draw from your own experiences and current situation to apply the material so you can leave with concrete outcomes to use at work.

    You’ll also receive course materials that you can reference during the training. These learning materials are yours to keep and refer to after you’ve completed the enterprise content strategy course.

    Course overview

    The course has three axes: strategy, architecture and organisation. No specific technical or tools expertise is required and the course introduces just the necessary concepts for you to define technical requirements as needed.

    Day 1: Creating and communicating your content strategy

    • Deriving a content strategy from your business model and market analysis
    • Defining your brand and positioning
    • Profiling your audience and articulating their content needs
    • Identifying key performance goals and indicators
    • Using storytelling to communicate your strategy.

    Day 2: Applying strategy to content architecture

    • Interviewing SMEs and modelling your domain
    • Identifying content types
    • Creating a content model
    • Designing content journeys.

    Day 3: Applying strategy to content operations

    • Mapping your stakeholders
    • Facilitating collaboration across functions
    • Defining content roles and processes
    • Auditing content and measuring performance
    • Managing content projects across functions.

    Topics covered

    • Business models
    • Branding and design systems
    • Audience profiling and usage scenarios
    • Content performance indicators
    • Storytelling
    • Interview techniques
    • Customer journey mapping
    • Content modelling
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Content team organisation
    • Workflow modelling.

    What does it cost?

    There are various delivery options for our enterprise content strategy training so please get in touch via the Enquire button below to discuss your organisation’s needs. Pricing will vary depending on location and number of participants. We recommend a minimum of five and a maximum of 20 participants. Trainer flight and hotel expenses will be extra.

    Course type
    Course duration
    3 days
    Course date
    Course tutor
    Marie Girard

    Marie Girard is an enterprise content strategy consultant, lecturer and trainer. She has 15 years’ experience working on cross-functional content projects in the software industry. Building on this, she now also runs workshops for professionals in design, marketing and technical communication to help them use content strategy to develop sustainable work practices in their organisation. She teaches content strategy and architecture to Masters students at Paris Diderot University, and gives guest lectures on content modelling and journey mapping at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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