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    Live online, Classroom

    Temperament-based strategies for the workplace
    About the course

    Learn temperament-based strategies to improve teamwork in the modern workplace.

    Today’s workplace presents challenges for both introverted and extroverted team members. Many workplaces are adopting open space layouts that foster teamwork but provide few opportunities for introverts to contribute as individuals. Extroverts, meanwhile, may struggle to interact with their introverted counterparts and try to override them. How can we revive the workplace so that both personality and temperament types can learn to thrive?

    Different temperaments have a big impact on work relationships, either between coworkers or with management. Is your manager a Guardian, an Idealist, a Rational or an Artisan, for example? How might that change your approach to them?

    What you’ll learn

    In a ‘Temperament-based strategies’ workshop, you’ll benefit from understanding your temperament and how you interact best with others. You will:

    • learn general and specific insights gained from personality and temperament typing
    • identify your strengths and weaknesses
    • discuss workplace challenges
    • learn strategies to mitigate these challenges
    • create an action plan to revive and thrive.

    Course outline

    • Foundations – temperament and why is it important; how temperament types are distributed among the population.
    • Workplace challenges – different temperament types approach work differently and have different priorities; how knowing your temperament type makes a difference in your interactions with co-workers and managers.
    • Revive and thrive – applying what you’ve learned about yourself to your workplace interactions; becoming a leader or influencer in the workplace and why that’s important.
    • Develop action plans – concrete steps that you can take back to your workplace and how you will measure success.

    How you’ll learn

    Training is carried out by an experienced coach and mentor. Both half-day and full-day virtual and classroom workshops are available. Each workshop is held live via video conferencing software as required for in-house training. Ideal for 6-12 attendees.

    Who is this training for?

    The session is suitable for:

    • introverts and extroverts who want to apply self-understanding to the workplace
    • employees who want better workplace dynamics
    • managers who want to improve team performance
    • individual practitioners who want to improve relationships with clients.

    It will be of most benefit if attendees know their Myers-Briggs/temperament profile in advance (free tests are available at Humanmetrics.com and Keirsey.com).

    Course type
    Live online/Classroom
    Course duration
    Half/full day
    Course date
    Course tutor
    Ben Woelk

    Ben Woelk will be leading the workshop. He is a passionate advocate for leadership development and coaches aspiring leaders, specialising in those with introvert tendencies. To support mentoring and coaching – and in his role as an APMG-accredited trainer for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) exam – he has developed an online Introverted Leadership community and CPTC study group, which has more than 180 participants.

    Ben has been active in technical communication for more than 20 years and is a leader with the Society for Technical Communication (STC), at both local and Society level. He is a frequent speaker at technical communication and information security/risk management conferences, and writes frequently about introverted leadership – he was the guest editor of the STC’s February 2017 issue of Intercom, Personality, Temperament, and Technical Communication.

    Ben is also a trained information security professional and author of the ebook Shockproofing Your Use of Social Media: Staying Safe Online.

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