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Writing for machines and humans
About the course

A new information delivery model for modern contexts.

Who writes content for voice interfaces such as Siri and Google Assistant? It could be you.

This course is aimed at technical writers, content professionals and information designers who want to learn how to write for machines driven by artificial intelligence (AI). How do you write for humans interacting with a machine interface? How can you write content offered via conversational robotic agents? How will you develop information delivered via augmented reality or driven by artificial intelligence?

This course will give you the tools to get started in writing for machines and humans.

How you’ll learn

Training is carried out by two experienced professionals in the field with both online and on-site classroom training available.

Online learning is the easiest option with set pricing. There are 12 modules with 18 hours of lecture face-time and interactive activities, carried out live via video conferencing software. Enroll now to join our online cohort starting soon. Details and enrolment on our training platform:

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On-site training can be carried out at your place of business. Please get in touch with us via the ‘Enquire’ button below to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for:

  • technical writer, information developers and content creators who want to learn how to write for AI
  • information designers who want to learn about information design for smart systems
  • content strategists who want to understand the implications of AI for information and content.

What you’ll learn

The ways in which users consume information has evolved. Content developers are no longer driving user journeys; users are creating their own journeys through advances in AI. Our information models must adapt to meet these new contexts. And writers need to understand how information is processed and delivered today and progressively more so in the future.

In this course, you will learn relevant terminologies, such as AI, machine learning, and NLP, and how these technologies impact information development strategies. You will learn core concepts for writing and designing information that will be machine processed and delivered to humans, in context.

Upon completion of this course, you will understand the:

  • terminology and related concepts for AI and machine learning
  • terminology and basic concepts of machine language processing
  • concepts of Information 4.0
  • role of information in intelligent machine applications, such as AR, VR, and chat and virtual assistants
  • concepts of user context and how to apply information to user context
  • concepts related to multidimensional content
  • content modelling, strategies and design for contextual information delivery.

Course outline

  • Market trends in the new world of technical content
  • What is Information 4.0 and why is it important for information developers?
  • AI and machine learning for information developers
  • Overview of machine language processing
  • User context and prediction
  • Classifying information for machines
  • Developing user personas for user experience and context
  • Developing strategies for multidimensional contexts
  • Writing molecular content for multidimensional contexts
  • Designing contextual information for embedded and online software help
  • Writing conversational content for chatbots and voice bots
  • Learn how to design a simple chatbot
  • Data privacy strategies for modern information delivery
  • Ethics and AI
  • Content APIs: opening the door to IoT delivery
  • Understanding blockchain and its relevance to information developers.

How to enrol

For on-site training, please contact us via the Enquire button below. To join our online course via our training platform, please register here:

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Course type
Live online/Classroom
Course duration
20-24 hours
Course date
Course tutor
Toni Ressaire, CJ Walker

Toni Byrd Ressaire is a consultant, trainer and information developer. Her company, Info4Design, is dedicated to research, training and designing information for frontier technologies. Toni is co-founder of the Information 4.0 Consortium.She teaches Information Development and Design at Cork Institute of Technology. Toni received a Master of Science in Technical and Scientific Communication from James Madison University in Virginia, USA.

CJ Walker founded Firehead in 2007 when she spotted the need for a bespoke recruitment and training service for multinational clients. CJ is a multilingual technical communicator, past president of STC’s TransAlpine chapter, past president of TCEurope, current member of Council at ISTC as International Rep, a member of the Information 4.0 consortium and an organiser of many educational conferences in the field. She works with several universities in France and Europe to help develop their technical communication curricula with a focus on covering future trends in the field.


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