Introduction to Cybersecurity for Technical Communicators – live online

Ben Woelk

This course will equip technical communicators with the fundamental knowledge they need to know about information security concepts and practices.

Next cohort scheduled for February 2023. Sign up now!


Duration: 6 hour(s)

Date: Next cohort is scheduled to begin February 2023 (six one-hour sessions)

Cost: 595,00 + tax

About This course

This course provides an introduction to information security and cybersecurity concepts, how they pertain to work practices in technical communication, and will identify possible career opportunities in cybersecurity.

Next cohort scheduled for February 2023. Sign up now!


      • Develop a baseline knowledge of information security fundamentals
      • Discover cybersecurity best practices for technical communicators
      • Identify opportunities for technical communicators in information security

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals course gave me a better understanding of cybersecurity. I can deliver messages that not only communicate security-related changes, but educate our audience on potential cyber threats. Melissa Closser


The course includes asynchronous readings and assignments and synchronous lectures and discussions.


      • Introduction to Information Security
      • Developing a Security Mindset
      • Identity and Access Management
      • Data Handling
      • Mobile devices and BYOD
      • Career opportunities


Technical communicators at all stages of their careers, especially those working in technology.


Ben Woelk profile photo

Ben Woelk, CISSP, CPTC, is the Governance, Awareness, and Training Manager for the Information Security Office at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Over the course of his 18-year tenure, he’s developed a leading information security awareness program.

Ben is a member and former co-chair of the EDUCAUSE Security Awareness and Training Working Group of the Higher Education Information Security Council. Ben is an Associate Fellow and a past president of the Society for Technical Communication.

Ben holds the CISSP (#379414), CPTC, is a Certified Professional Technical Communicator Foundation trainer, and is ITIL v3 certified.

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