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Firehead is pleased to offer digital content courses from some of the brightest and most respected professionals in the digital communications field.

These courses are for job seekers, content professionals looking to upskill, and for managers who are new to content and want to learn how to manage a content project successfully.

We offer four kinds of courses:

  • Master courses – a full academic semester’s worth of information on a topic delivered webinar-style. Student cohorts learn together in groups at pre-defined dates and times.
  • Stand-alone topics – a detailed deep-dive into a specific topic, delivered live online or by pre-recorded video.
  • Shoestring – our low-priced, cost-effective option covering a topic: what it is, how it is used, why it matters for in a content career, and where to go to learn more. Delivered by video of about three hours.
  • Classroom courses – training on your premises (currently on hold).

All of our courses have a final test element to check your understanding and we offer a certificate upon successful completion.

Latest Training Courses


An asynchronous course designed to provide the context and skills needed to successfully keyword digital media to improve user search experience.


How does an introvert lead? Introverts don’t fit the stereotypical leadership model in management literature. They’re often unaware of their introvert strengths and how to maximize them in the workplace, much less become leaders. However, Cain, Laney, Kahnweiler, and others have increased our understanding of introversion and how it impacts leadership styles.


This course will equip technical communicators with the fundamental knowledge they need to know about information security concepts and practices.


This course will teach you the definitions, concepts, and strategies to create written content that is easy for the intended audience to understand.

Our next Zoom session of this course will be held on 25 January 2023 at 12:00 pm ET, 18:00 pm European time. Sign up now!


This workshop teaches the basic principles and theory of DITA, and the techniques required to create quality DITA content.


This workshop is for those interested in developing systems that allow organisations to get the most value from their content assets.

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