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Firehead is pleased to offer digital content courses from some of the brightest and most respected professionals in the digital communications field.

These courses are for job seekers, content professionals looking to upskill, and for managers who are new to content and want to learn how to manage a content project successfully.

We offer four kinds of courses:

  • Master courses – a full academic semester’s worth of information on a topic delivered webinar-style. Student cohorts learn together in groups at pre-defined dates and times.
  • Stand-alone topics – a detailed deep-dive into a specific topic, delivered live online or by pre-recorded video.
  • Shoestring – our low-priced, cost-effective option covering a topic: what it is, how it is used, why it matters for in a content career, and where to go to learn more. Delivered by video of about three hours.
  • Classroom courses – training on your premises (currently on hold).

All of our courses have a final test element to check your understanding and we offer a certificate upon successful completion.

Latest Training Courses


As a special offer for technical communicator this Black Friday we are offering three of Jordan Stanchev’s training courses as a special bundle at 50% OFF the normal price.

In this bundle you get access to three courses:


Are you a technical writer who needs to write API software documentation? Do you wonder what you need to prepare and deliver to have high-quality API documentation and don’t know where to start?

If so, then this course is for you!


Learn how to write in plain language using a tried-and-tested approach – more than 9,000 delegates from seven countries have benefited from this training. Our online-only course is run by tutors with 15 years’ experience in training plain language. It is designed to be flexible and to meet a variety of needs and levels – from most basic to advanced.


This workshop is for those interested in developing systems that allow organisations to get the most value from their content assets.

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