Update your skills with our training courses in digital communications.

Through our network of expert tutors and training partners, we offer online short courses and classroom-based workshops across our various recruitment areas in the field of digital communications.

For job candidates, we offer a fast and affordable way to improve content development, analysis and strategy skills – and job prospects.

For clients, we can provide in-house skills training to make sure your employees are suitably skilled and up-to-date on best practice and latest software.

Content knowledge

Our content-based courses allow you to develop your digital skills in areas such as content strategy, DITA XML basics, content modelling, customer journey mapping and human-machine interfaces.

Tech tools

We offer software training in industry-standard authoring tools to help move your career forward.

Career management

Define and energise your career path with our courses in cybersecurity, leadership and more.

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Learn adaptive content modelling

Future-proof your content for multichannel and omnichannel while improving user experience.



Customer journey mapping

Discover omnichannel journey mapping for more coherent customer experiences and more targeted content strategies.



Create mobile apps without coding – the basics

Go from novice to app developer, without being a programmer, with our training series in ViziApps mobile app-building.

Live online

€199 (£199 UK residents)

Course delivery & format

Live online

These are held in real-time using video conferencing software across set dates, or as required for in-house training. Training involves live presentations and exercises, and post-workshop support is often also available as immediate follow-up.


The most easily accessible format with practical exercises and video tutorials pre-recorded by an expert trainer, allowing you to pause the modules as you need to and complete each course in your own time.


In-situ training can be arranged at workplaces, conferences or events, and customised to suit your organisation’s training needs if required. Costs and delivery options will vary according to workshop duration, date and location.