Finding your Content Strategy ‘in’

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Content strategy jobs are forming from different content, communications and IT roles, as Rahel Bailie noted when she guest-blogged Anatomy of a Content Strategist for us. So that’s the theory. Now what about the practical?

Those looking for a job in the field need to realise that we’re at a point in content strategy’s developing life cycle where you have to be a bit pro-active in skilling up. The field is relatively new; the boundaries, qualifications and duties lists are not standardised; and as author Richard Sheffield pointed out on the Firehead blog last week: “Don’t believe everything you read in web content strategist’s job descriptions. Three-quarters of the ‘requirements’ listed are probably ‘nice to have’…”

It appears the door to a new profession is wide open. Just as true is that the profession requires a wider range of skills than many of us have and is also going to be one heck of a learning curve. Hence all the content strategy resources we’ve been publishing here on the Firehead blog.

Which is why we love this honeycomb diagram from Richard Ingram, a web writer and content strategy advocate.

Click on the diagram to view larger, and again to view at maximum size.

He’s created three strands of web content strategy ‘ins’ and listed the tasks/roles of each.

So whether you’re coming from a technical, editorial or web strategy and planning background, you can easily see the next set of skills for you to conquer and put on your CV. All these little cels of learning build on your basic specialism and can place you in a much better position for content strategy roles, or for influencing content as part of a web team or project. In this way, you can find your content strategy ‘in’. You can also download a PDF of the diagram from Richard’s site – it’s perfect for the office wall.

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