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Translation and localisation services

Create multilingual versions of your content for a global audience.3di translation and localisation

Take the pain out of getting your message across to consumers in different countries with a professional translation and localisation service.

Firehead offers a one-stop shop for our clients on their digital communication projects and this includes partnering with 3di, the industry leaders in multilingual translation and localisation. Through our partnership with 3di we can ensure your communications are completed to a professional standard.


Making your content readable and engaging for different audiences in your market often means communicating in multiple languages and optimising your English to improve translation quality.

A poor translation can quickly turn people away from your product or service, or potentially lead to misunderstanding and confusion.


Localisation services go beyond just translation. Terminology, graphics, currencies, tone of voice and lots of other details can have very different interpretations in different countries and regions.

Localisation deals with all these factors and considers what the experience will feel like for different users, allowing you to effectively target customers in different markets.

What do we translate/localise?

3di can translate and localise a range of content, including:

  • software UI
  • technical documents
  • online help
  • e-learning
  • websites and marketing
  • compliance information
  • knowledge bases and self-service content

Why we partner with 3di?

The translators at 3di are the best in the industry: they only translate into their native language and only about subjects they understand.

3di is an industry leader with 17 years’ experience in technical writing, translation and localisation, consulting and training. Their in-house team has worked with more than 300 customers across many industry sectors. And they have provided translation and localisation services to global brands including Primark and Vodafone, as well as small/medium enterprises operating across markets.

Finally, 3di works to a quality management system, which has been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard (Certificate no. FS 588086), is a member of the Global and Localization Association (GALA) and a business affiliate of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

Please get in contact with your details if you would like to add translation and localisation services to your digital content and communications.


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