A high percentage of techcomm and information security practitioners are introverts who are more naturally drawn towards working with computers and systems than people. But no matter how excellent their work, it is often their extrovert counterparts who develop higher profiles and receive the greatest rewards, professionally and financially.

Introverted Leadership is a coaching and mentoring programme that solves this problem by showing you how to lead by embracing your innate introvert strengths. An experienced mentor will first identify your personality and temperament type before showing you how to harness your strengths and mitigate weaknesses that may be holding you back.

You will work together to develop a customised programme of leadership development with mentoring available virtually or in person. You will also be given access to a large online support community to participate in group readings, discussions and meet other introverts.

Get in touch with Firehead today to discuss pricing and how we can help you develop a customised coaching and mentoring programme that will best fit your needs.

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