Adaptive content – a guide for businesses and content workers

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Noz UrbinaWe wanted to know more about adaptive content and how it can be used to boost our clients’ bottom line, so earlier this month we asked author, content strategist and adaptive content trainer Noz Urbina of Urbina Consulting for the FAQs. Here is his five-question guide with examples and resources to help you get to grips with this expanding field.

1. What is adaptive content?

Possibly more than you might think at first. Adaptive content is a content strategy technique designed to support meaningful, personalised interactions across all channels. It is content that is conceived, planned and developed around the customers: their context, their mood, their goals.

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2. Adaptive content: what is a content model and why is it important?

A content model defines a series of content types and their relationships to each other. To explain this, let’s use the example of a recipe on the community site of a major consumer goods business.

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3. Adaptive content: what is the commercial advantage for businesses?

Adaptive content is a type of intelligent content that allows the brand to deliver highly nuanced and specific experiences to its customers. Let’s look at how this plays out in the world of things like medical devices, microchips, pharmaceuticals, and other B2B industries, where adaptive content is seeing early adoption.

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4. Adaptive content: how is it changing how we work?

Adaptive content has greater and lesser impacts along the entire content production life cycle. Here’s how adaptive content is changing the way content professionals work, the kind of skills required for the job, and where the new generation of content modellers is coming from.

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5. Adaptive content: where can I learn more?

This list of training resources provides some useful next steps in learning more about adaptive content.

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