Content marketing trends for 2017 #cmworld

cmworld16 logoOne of the biggest content events in the calendar took place earlier this month, with more than 3,500 marketers from 55 countries attending Content Marketing World 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. Here’s the skinny in 10 quick links for content marketers, strategists, writers, editors and managers to get up to speed on the latest content marketing trends and thinking.

1. Content Marketing World: 30 Ideas From Industry Experts
A quick summary list of tips for content producers and editors.

2. CMWorld 2016: Finding Your “Why”
A four-step content plan that goes back to basics in order to reduce noise and answer the big content strategy question: Why?

3. Content Marketing World 2016: snapshot of the discipline
On how the field is maturing and changing.

4. Content Marketing World: Journalists vs. Marketers
Is content a media operation or a marketing function, or both? And how do you hire for that? Contently’s editor-in-chief outlines what he sees as an idealogical and talent split currently happening in content marketing.

5. Content Marketing World Day 2: The Hiring Dilemma, Live Video, and Influencer Outreach
More on the hiring dilemma here with insights from a panel on ‘The Content Talent Crunch: How Marketing Leaders Approach Hiring A New Breed of Marketer’.

6. The Business Model of More vs. Less Content
A post-CMWorld review by organisers Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose.

7. 20 Quotes That Defined Content Marketing World 2016
If you like an expert soundbite, this is the one to read and quote from.

8. The Worst Lessons Marketing Ever Taught Content
Rand Fishkin has posted an excellent slideshow on where content marketing advice can be misleading to content creators and strategists, from Facebook over-investment to how much keywords still matter to how long your blog posts should be and when to post updates to social.

9. Make your Content more valuable!
A Storify roundup of Andy Crestodina’s keynote on how to make content more valuable to generate the most demand. The (long) one-sentence summary of how to get more leads is a useful line summarising all the elements marketers need to work on.

10. Mark Hamill tells Content Marketing World about embracing Luke Skywalker’s optimism and tenacity: #CMWorld
CMWorld is known for its headline keynotes – previously from John Cleese and Kevin Spacey. This year it was the turn of Star Wars actor Mark Hamill. He may not know much about content marketing but he does know the power of a loyal audience and the importance of giving people what they want. It’s an unscripted Q&A rather than a talk but the force is still strong.

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