Content strategy, recruitment and infoviz must-reads

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Here’s our monthly selection of must-reads from the Firehead bookmarks of the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Content strategy reads

What’s the Difference Between Content Strategy & Content Marketing?

As the lines between content marketing and content strategy become blurred, Leen Jones, a content strategy consultant (and Firehead guest blogger), defines the difference between the two and talks about “why defining the difference matters”.

Taxonomy Watch: Content Strategist

Is taxonomy your specialty?  Find out how content strategy and taxonomy go hand in hand.

Content Strategy: The Agency Opportunity

A content strategist writes about shifting from being a content creator to a content strategist – and how digital agencies have an opportunity to develop their offering here.

Overcoming Content Deficiency Disorder

Content strategy is often pitched at those who are drowning in content. But what if your company suffers from a lack of content? Find out the symptoms and ways to address content deficiency disorder.

Career & job searching

What To Reveal During Your Job Search

Are you giving away too much information during the job interview?  Here’s Forbes’ takes on the dos and don’ts of revealing personal information to your potential employer.

Technical Writing is one of the “Best Careers 2011″

Are you planning to change careers next year? If you are, check out The 50 Best Careers of 2011. US News and World Report, in putting together this list, looked at “job-growth projections, salary data, and other factors like job satisfaction”. Technical writing was among the best careers listed for 2011.

In job interview, it’s not all about you

How do you come across as a team player during an interview? Here’s how to focus on proving your value not only to your future boss, but to your potential colleagues as well.

Visualisation tools and reads

We’ve also been reading up on infographics and dataviz this month as it’s a job area that is experiencing increasing demand for our clients.


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