10 European content strategists to watch – Boye & Co community names Firehead among them

Who are the people to watch when it comes to content strategy’s development in Europe? Well, last week, Boye & Co the international community for web and intranet professionals, made a list – and we were very happy to discover that Firehead is on it! Full story on Boye & Co…

Content strategy in Europe – people to watch:

  1. Alex Faundez, UN Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland
  2. Boudewijn Bugter, Sabel, Holland
  3. Brian Bentzen, Servicestyrelsen, Odense, Denmark
  4. CJ Walker, Firehead, offices in Sweden, France, UK (pictured right)
  5. Des Traynor, Contrast, Dublin
  6. Eric Reiss, FatDUX Group, Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. Gerry McGovern, CustomerCarewords, Ireland
  8. Jonathan Kahn, Together London, UK
  9. Lise Janody, Dot-Connection, Paris, France
  10. Nikki Tiedtke, eBay Europe, Berlin, Germany