Flowchart: Who can sort your content strategy?

Clients in search of a content strategy will likely be asking the following questions:

    • What is going on with our website?
    • Why aren’t more users converting into sales?
    • Do we know what the problems are?
    • Can we fix it ourselves?
    • What skills are needed to solve our problems?
    • Who can help us?
    • How much is it going to cost?
    • Where do we start?

    They often know that their website is under-performing or not delivering a great user experience, but they are not sure why this is so – or how to fix it.

    In our Firehead flowchart, we try to address the ‘who’ of content strategy according to available budget, whether content problems have been defined and what skills are needed to fix them.

    Click on the chart to see a larger version or download a PDF copy here.

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    1. I’d ask that you put in a branch for “ludicrously large budget” but I suppose your flowchart isn’t meant to be fictional. 😉

    2. Suzanne McDonald

      Hi Fiona,

      This is a great visual tool to help clients get a better handle on what they may need.

      Thanks for sharing!