In pictures: Firehead goes to the UN

Life has been a little crazy at Firehead in the last month. As well as a trip to France to see our new French office and visit friends, I was also due to meet a group of content strategists at another location in Europe. Can you guess where?

Firehead goes to the UN-2.jpg

Lots of flags, security, one of only four offices around the world, located in a palace…

Firehead goes to the UN-1.jpg

Yes, this is indeed the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) – the location for a meet-up with some of our colleagues at the UN to talk about communications and, of course, content strategy. I’ll be posting a bit more about my trip next month when the dust settles. Until then, here’s what the UN is like on the inside, plus a few other pictures from my Switzerland visit.

1. Ambassadors, briefings and power meetings
UNOG has 1,600 employees and services an astonishing 8,000-plus meetings every year.

Firehead goes to the UN-3.jpg

2. Taking a sneak peak into one of the meeting rooms
Where anything from disarmament and security issues to human rights and humanitarian relief may be on the agenda.

Firehead goes to the UN-4.jpg

3. Visiting dignitaries
Anyone need an interpreter? A content strategist? A technical writer? Recruitment?

Firehead goes to the UN-5.jpg

4. Where the nations of the world unite
The distinctive logo at the head of the General Assembly Hall.

Firehead goes to the UN-6.jpg

5. Fountain mountain
The Jet d’Eau is one of Geneva’s other famous landmarks, slightly submerged in Lake Geneva and shooting water to more than 140 metres high.

Firehead goes to the UN-8.jpg

6. You fond of chocolate?
Fondue may be a Swiss invention but did you know that chocolate fondue was born in the New York at Chalet Suisse in the 1950s? Hence it is the perfect dessert for a Cajun like myself who is based in Europe.

Firehead goes to the UN-9.jpg

7. Important business meeting
European content strategy and tech comms recruitment is FUN!

Firehead goes to the UN-10.jpg

See you next month for further Firehead news – CJ, Firehead.

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