Content strategy, taxonomy and ontology links

Fresh from the Firehead bookmarks, here is our round-up of recent content strategy posts we’ve enjoyed this month. We’ve also dug into the archives and pulled out our bookmarks on taxonomy and ontology. Enjoy!

Content strategy

Using the Valuable Content Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide for Different Content Types

A great checklist for anyone who has to process content.

Content strategy deliverables

Rahel Bailie has been posting about the different CS deliverables on a project, creating a useful reference for content strategy practitioners.

The content strategy quad

What are the four critical components that Kristina Halvorson’s agency Brain Traffic considers in every content strategy?

What are the best books on content strategy?

A new question on Quora gets a few suggestions for content strategy must-reads – but do you agree?

SXSW 2011 presentations

Here’s our own recent round-up of content strategy presentations from the world’s leading web festival held annually in March.

Taxonomy and ontology

Taxonomy vs. Information Architecture

A lowdown on taxomony as it relates to content management.

Drupal taxonomy

On using vocabularies and tags to organise your content within Drupal (an open source content management system). This post also features a how-to video on enabling the vocabulary and tagging/retrieving image content.

The role of taxonomy in intelligent content

How a well-crafted taxonomy can bridge the gap when content management and search falls short.

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