How to get your next content strategy job

There are many content strategists, and transitioning content strategy people, gathering in London this week for Content Strategy Forum 2011 – the follow-up to CS Forum 2010, which Firehead co-organised. Meanwhile, over in Cleveland, Content Marketing World kicks off for content marketers, with one of our favourite content people, Joe Pulizzi.

But while attendees will be receiving a massive download of information and inspiration at the conferences, some will be wondering what the jobs market is like out there and how can they either get on or move up on the content and communications job ladder.

In a bit of shameless promotion, we invite you to register with us at Firehead and find out what the possibilities are for your career. Firehead is the European market leader in recruitment for digital content and communications. So if you’re passionate about content and improving the user’s experience of it, we’d like to know you.

We are currently seeking the following profiles:

  • Content strategists
  • Digital strategists and project managers
  • Web writers
  • Web editors
  • Information architects
  • User experience architects
  • Digital planners
  • Copywriters
  • Journalists
  • Web developers
  • Testers

How to become a Firehead candidate

We’d like to get to know you better so please take a minute to register as a candidate, or update your profile if you are already a registered candidate.

You can also email your CV to with a cover letter outlining:

  • exactly what kind of position you’re looking for
  • your preferred geographic job sites
  • a statement of your knowledge, skills and experience.

Your CV will be reviewed for current and future opportunities and should it be a match for any of our positions, one of our recruiters will contact you to describe the rest of the registration process and discuss the opportunity in detail.

In the meantime, your information will be confidentially maintained in our candidate database. Once your information is in our system, you will be considered for any job opening that matches your qualifications.

Get to know us

We invite you to learn more about Firehead by visiting our website, reading our blog and better yet, we encourage you to contact us.

We also offer a ‘Bitesize’ content strategy service through our network of talent.

And if you have a position to fill, from freelance or temporary contracts up to full-time content strategist roles, please check out our client services page and get in touch – we have some of the best content talent in Europe on our books.

Finally, we’ll be co-presenting on the realities of content strategy at the forthcoming TCUK conference– more on that next week – so do come and say hello!

And watch this space, because tomorrow we’ll be posting up the results from our summer survey of 30 content strategy job ads.