Interview with a… content strategy recruiter

Which businesses are benefiting most from content strategy? Should you outsource your content strategy work or hire in-house? How do know if a content strategist is any good? CJ Walker, niche recruiter in content strategy, offers some answers.

Kris Mausser and CJ Walker compositeUsually we interview others about their work in digital communications via our series of job Q&As. But last week, it was our turn, as content strategist Kris Mausser of The Discontented Company (pictured left) talked to Firehead’s owner CJ Walker (right) about the hiring side of content strategy and the current state of the employment workplace for content strategists.

Some of the questions addressed are ones that our clients and candidates often ask, too, so we’re reposting the link here for our readers to enjoy.

Read the full story on The Discontented Company’s Conversations in Content Strategy… 

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