Best of five years of the Firehead blog

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5thbirthdaycakeThe Firehead blog has just celebrated its 5th birthday. To celebrate we’re looking back at how far we’ve come since we started blogging in the summer of 2009 and reposting our best of the best from five years of blogging about the digital communications jobs market.

As usual, we want to share the birthday love so if you’d like to be a part of our success story and reach thousands of peers and clients working in European digital communications, why not nominate yourself to be profiled in our jobs Q&A series – all you have to do is get in touch and tell us a bit about what you do!

But for now, we hope you enjoy our pick of the Firehead blog…

  1. Blogging is fantastic! – our very first post back from June 2009. Since then 60,000 users have come through our site with many leaders in the field of content strategy, content marketing and tech comm guest-posting their thoughts and expertise.
  2. Interview with a… Brand Strategist – our most popular post of all time goes behind the scenes of the work of Sean Duffy, one of the world’s leading brand strategists and founder of The Duffy Agency. You can read about many more digital roles in our popular job insight series.
  3. 10 CV buzzwords to avoid – and what to replace them with! – job applicants will also find more advice in our V section.
  4. A brief history of content strategy – our most discussed and debated post! Do you agree with our review
  5. Interview panic question #1: “Why did you leave your last job?” – plus lots more career development insight in our Professional development section.
  6. Richard Sheffield: Get your first job in content strategy – sensible advice on becoming a content strategist from the author of The Web Content Strategist’s Bible.
  7. The Content Strategy Jobs Landscape – the skills, education, experience, character traits, salary expectations and more that employers are looking for when hiring a content strategist – we conducted a job survey of content strategy employers’ wants. Here are the results.
  8. Five background investigation checks recruiters employ to weed out CV lies – thought you could get away with it? Think again says Firehead’s chief recruiter, CJ Walker.
  9. Three types of brand journalism (with examples) – looking at the rising trend for hiring in a brand journalist.
  10. Three technology trends affecting technical communication – tech comm insight from Congility organiser Noz Urbina.

Of course, the blog is here to support the work of our big sister, Europe’s leading recruiter in digital communications. So please do get in touch if you have any digital hiring needs or wish to apply to join our digital talent bank as a job candidate.

We hope you enjoyed our best of the blog and look forward to the next five years of covering the fast-changing world of digital communications and recruitment.

Thank-you for reading!

Birthday cake image (CC): Roland Tanglao/Flickr

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