Is it time for a rethink on digital marketing?

rethink_conf_logoRethink conference took place in Stockholm, Sweden, on 17 March and sought to challenge the status quo on thinking about digital marketing and social media. Speakers from Uber, Tumblr, Domino’s Pizza, Salesforce and more gave their thoughts, and we’ve picked out the best of the conference links below.

Rethinking digital marketing – Swedish style

This conference summary on the Rethinkconf blog presents key quotes and points from the speakers, including conference founder Arnt Ericsen’s challenge to the status quo: “If we can’t give them a reason to believe what we’re saying, we will fail.”

How to use social media influencers as brand ambassadors

Skier Christine Donaldson spoke about how she used content to build a personal brand and then partner with big brands such as Oakley.

The five-second attention span

Head of digital strategy at Salesforce, EMEA, Jeremy Waite talked about how to go beyond the numbers to build profitable relationships. He highlighted four technology shifts for 2016, such as the five-second window you have to capture the interest of your customer and how we are potentially drowning in data.

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