Firehead is presenting at soap! conference in 2022!

conference in 2022!

We’re so glad to be back. We’ve got a lot of reflecting to do after the disruption we all experienced. Were we, technical publications professionals and our organisations, prepared for the upheaval of the pandemic? Are we smarter today after the experience? How did Covid affect our work and the tools, processes and procedures we use?

While we reflect on lessons learned, we’re thinking about the future of content and how to prepare for the new world of content work. Our own CJ Walker is speaking on the content workplace of the future on 3 June. 

This is a really cosy conference. There are no simultaneous tracks, so you can participate in everything – everyone in one room.

Are you a technical content professional in Europe working in product-related content?

Does your organisation have authors, information architects, project managers, designers, or content professionals who do techcomm, learning, translation, videos and graphics on a daily basis?

Good news! The soap conference is back after a two-year Covid hiatus and live in Krakow! You can also attend online, but really, why would you want to miss seeing us in person for the party?


Other exciting speakers at Soap include:

  • Ray Gallon

    The Transformation Society (and course author at Firehead)

    KEYNOTE SPEAKER Technical Communication, Marketing, and Truth


  • Rahel Bailie
    Content, Seriously (and course author at Firehead) 
  • Shumin Chen
    Head of STE Training & Implementation at Shufrans TechDocs, Singapore

Sustainable Content Powered by Simplified Technical English (STE)

  • Anu Granroth
    CEO at Adina Solutions, Finland

Modularising content in a crazy schedule without proper planning

  • Lance Cummings
    Professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA

Come to the soap! conference 2022!

The theme this year is: What’s next? post-pandemic reflections

1-3 June, Krakow, Poland (and online)

1 June workshops

2-3 June conference sessions

It’s a hybrid conference so you can register here and attend the conference in person or you can register for the VIRTUAL soap! and attend online

Our journey in 2022 is to discover the new, post-pandemic reality of techcomm. See how people who shape the techcomm industry respond to the changes this new world has brought us.

Product-related-content has become an asset used to sell products and maintain customer relations and experience. But content, be it technical documentation, learning materials, graphics, or UI and UX elements, doesn’t exist in the void. Numerous tools and services are needed to create and maintain content. Join soap! to help our wonderful crowd see how you can help them get ready for whatever the future holds. We will be happy to help you.

This is a cozy conference. There are no simultaneous tracks, so you can participate in everything – everyone in one room.

Soap!’s Content specialities

What does soap! Cover? It’s a conference dedicated to product-related content. And what is content for soap!? Content is all information and experience related to a product, not just text or docs.

We’ll discuss different content types such as: graphics, videos, manuals, or user interfaces; different phases of content lifecycle including its creation, management, transformation, and localisation, as well as different roles involved in the process: authors, information architects, project managers, graphic designers.

soap! is an extraordinary, international community. If you’re a content professional, you’ll definitely like it. Come and join us!


“Come for the talks, stay for the people” 

Michał Skowron, Speaker


soap! is like this family gathering you always dream of, but rarely have with your relatives. Everyone is your cousin, but you’re actually happy to see them, get a toast with them, and have fun! Always a pleasure to be there.

Anonymous Attendee, soap! 2019


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