Firehead launches new FrameMaker course

Firehead FrameMaker TrainingWe’re very excited to announce the launch this week of our new training course on the Adobe® FrameMaker (2015 release). Update: the course has now been updated to Adobe® FrameMaker (2019 release).

The two-day introductory course is designed for first-time users of Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release), which is a powerful publishing package that enable users to produce bidirectional technical content that can be used across channels, mobile devices and formats.

Our ‘Learn Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release)‘ course is the only one approved by Adobe Technical Communication.

toni-ressaireToni Ressaire, an experienced technical communicator/trainer and indie publisher, created the course for Firehead. Toni worked in the software development industry for many years. She now blogs about digital publishing at Pub.Ink, and provides training for tech writers and technically-challenged writers who want to create traditional publications and digital content.

Course training options include classroom training at your place of business, for individuals or as a group; or live online training.

Contact us today to schedule your FrameMaker training and discuss costs. For further information, visit the course page: Learn FrameMaker 2015.