Confab 2016 conference recaps, talks and slides

Confab logoAs promised last week, here is our super-roundup of links from Confab Central, the calendar’s biggest content strategy conference.

Video presentations

Check out the YouTube playlist, featuring a range of talks from Anil Dash to Kristina Halvorson.


Some speakers have also posted their slides.


Here are some pithy quotes for you to borrow throughout the rest of the year.

  • Best quotes from Confab Central 2016

The award for most retweets goes to Tracy Playle for “”A website w/o a content strategy is the equivalent of a digital sociopath.” She also spotted this one from Michael Haggerty-Villa: “Can we please stop forcing our users into ‘submission’ when they complete forms?” Stop saying “submit”. And we think Mike Atherton’s “Content is ‘king hard” takes some beating.


Live from Confab
Marli Mesibov has written comprehensive notes on a number of Confab presentations, including:

Key takeaways and reviews

Here is a selection of the post-event blogged reviews.

Highlights from Confab 2016
Ahava Liebtag, Confab speaker, reveals her takeaways, from how to define yourself as a content strategist to modern metadata solutions.

Everything you missed at Confab Central
Andrea Burton gives the content view from the perspective of a product designer, including onboarding, personalisation through metadata and digital storytelling.

How to create user-centric digital experiences in 2016
A similar set of takeaways from a UX designer, adding in research into your audience.

Content Strategy for Designers
Self-admitted “non-content-strategist” Dana Pavlichko gives a nice view of how she sees content strategy overlapping with design.

Everything You Need to Know from Confab 2016
A superquick list summary – we enjoyed the recommended books, shows and tools section.

My Patronus is the pizza rat: A love story about content strategy
A UX designer falls in love with content strategy.

Twitterview Post-#ConfabMN
A Twitter interview with several content strategists from Three Deep Marketing reviewing #confabMN.

Five Smart Takeaways from Confab Central
From audience understanding and the pros of transparency to humane tech and Prince as a content strategy powerhouse.

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