Firehead relaunches with new offerings for 2018

Firehead new homepageThere are so many new things afoot at Firehead this quarter that we’ve barely had a chance to blog about them, so we thought we’d take a deep breath and let you all know what’s been going on – and what’s about to happen…

1. Happy birthday to us!

Earlier this summer the Firehead blog turned eight years old. We’ve come a long way since we started with our first post, Blogging is fantastic, which was inspired by Tom Johnson of I’d Rather Be Writing and many others at that 2009 STC Trans-Alpine chapter conference. Nearly 400 blog posts later, we’re still going strong and are active in our various communities within digital communications, from content strategy to techcomm, metadata to AI, recruitment to market trends.

2. We’re relaunching

We’ve been working hard on our brand new responsive site, which also brings new offerings in consultancy and training to the Firehead brand. The redesign – sneaky peak of the new homepage above – will also open up our offering to more collaborations in these areas, and we’ll be actively seeking new avenues and opportunities to grow. Watch this space.

3. Busy getting out there

TCUK-2017Firehead is the first and only recruitment and training company dealing exclusively in digital communications in the UK and continental Europe, and founder CJ Walker has been busy commuting between countries to attend various events. In the past two months she’s been to the UK three times to attend Technical Communication UK (the ISTC’s annual conference), run a CV surgery at the ProCopywriters Copywriting Conference, and visit clients.

4. Firehead presents…

As the managing director of Firehead, CJ Walker has also been working with educational establishments to share her expertise in recruitment in the digital comms field. Recently she gave a webinar on ‘Trends in Information in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’ to the students in the TCLoc (Technical Communication and Localisation) Masters programme at the University of Strasbourg. It’s part of the virtual Masters programme’s residence week. Under discussion were topics such as:

  • Artificial intelligence: what it is and how it will impact digital communications
  • Machine learning and predictive models/analysis: what jobs will this create for us?
  • Big data, data science, IoT, security, video, APIs, docs as code, and other trends in our industry: what does it mean in job terms?
  • Information 4.0: what it is and where it fits in the Industry 4.0 movement

She also gave a guest lecture via webinar at the Cork Institute of Technology on hiring and research trends in information development (technical communication): where the field is going, where their skills overlap, and practical resources for following the trends.

If you’d like to connect with CJ around guest blogging or guest speaking, please do get in touch.

5. Looking for interviewees and guest bloggers

If you’re working in metadata or machine learning, we’d love to hear from you and find out about your work. Our blog interview series goes behind the scenes of different jobs in digital communications and we want to know more about the roles available in this growing area, including how you got into the field, what tasks are involved, what skills are needed, and so on.

If you’re up for sharing your knowledge, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch. You can see examples of previous Q&As here.

We’re also interested in guest bloggers who have expertise in metadata and machine learning and can advise our readers about trends in these areas and the career landscape in particular.

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