Confab 2018: useful content strategy links

If you’re a content strategist or thinking of transitioning into content strategy work then the annual Confab conference in Minneapolis is a key event to get clued into. You can catch up on the recent Confab 2018 event with our roundup of links and recommended reading from the content strategy conference, which took place in May.

Slide decks and notes

You can find links to some of the slide presentations from Confab 2018 here: 2018 session slides  and 2018 workshop slides

Need notes to go with those slides? Marli Mesbov, VP of Content Strategy at Mad*Pow, has usefully live-blogged many of the sessions:

Worth a read

Check out Tim Gihring’s Lounging with the lords of lorem ipsum: What I learned spending 72 hours in Minneapolis with 600 ‘content strategists’ in the MinnPost. He looks at current content strategy trends and how content strategy emerged to deal with brands’ content problems, raises some of the issues with Kristina Halvorson, and talks about his own career journey from traditional journalism to become a ‘brand narrator’ at an art institute.

Alli Ligget has written her Top 18 Takeaways from Confab 2018, illustrated by bitesize quotes from content strategists speaking at Confab.

And Scott Kubie, who works for Confab producers Brain Traffic, has blogged his own conference diary and personal reflections.

Next year’s Confab takes place in Minneapolis, 24-16 April 2019. Sign up for event updates here.