Where to skill up in machine learning, deep learning, NLP and AI

We at Firehead are always on the lookout for resources our readers can use in their personal career development and skills training. And this month we’ve spotted a doozy that’s completely free on the KDnuggets, a website covering business analytics, big data, data mining, data science and machine learning.

Check out 30 Free Resources for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP & AI. ‘KD’ stands for knowledge discovery by the way and for those of you interested inskilling up in data science areas, this particular nugget would be a great place to get started.

Many of the jobseekers in Firehead’s talent bank are natural candidates to move their careers forward into the area of data science – content managers, I’m looking at you!

The field of data science is large and wide. If nothing else, just about all of the digital content roles we recruit for would benefit from a better understanding of data science and what it can do for their companies.

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Image: (CC) Geralt/Pixabay