TCUK 2019 conference: key themes and trends in techcomm
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Heads up, techcomm pros… our friend and training affiliate, Ellis Pratt of Cherryleaf, has reviewed the recent Technical Communication UK Conference (TCUK 2019) in a 16-minute podcast. Ellis recorded his review following the annual conference, which was held in the UK in September.

He outlines three main themes:

1. Docs as code / docs like code (treating documentation as development code, to help align writing, design and development stages and workflow). Continuous integration.

2. Graphics – when and where to use them; scalable vector graphics in an XML-based format.

3. Management and soft skills in techcomm – thinking strategically, dealing with leadership and the management team, getting feedback and improving from it, empathy skills to communicate with others so that they understand.

Listen to the whole podcast below for further details of presentations and speakers. For another view, 3di has also posted about TCUK19 here. Did we miss any other good reviews? Let us know in the comments. Presentations expected on the TCUK site soon.