Coronavirus is changing the way we work

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If you have been working from home for years, what are your tips for others?

It’s taken a global public health pandemic to fully effect the remote working revolution. The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis has changed the way the world works in a matter of a few weeks. Those who can are working from home, while others are furloughed or looking for new work options. It’s a big shift for a lot of people.

In the fields of technical communication and wider comms and content work, working from home is already common. We were self-isolating long before coronavirus! That means we have already adapted to the world of online meetings, distributed projects, distant team briefings and remote workers. We’ve learnt how to self-motivate, organise our time and structure our days.

What is unusual, though, is that our corporate, educational and public sector clients are now also working from home – and this situation looks set to continue for weeks and months. It’s a huge shift, driven by the needs of public health.

At Firehead, we believe this change is a part of the future of work that will most likely last for many after this crisis is over. Once people learn to work effectively from a distance from the office, many new opportunities open up for both workers and the company. It’s a fundamental part of the new economy so I think we need to learn how to do it right. And right means effectively.

I’m sure there are many learnings that we as digital content and technical communication workers can share with our clients and employers.

What are your thoughts and recommendations on this change? What tools are you using to communicate, for security, for business continuity? What do your clients need to know now that they are working from home, too? Have you seen any positives or negatives following this change?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and strategies, here or on our social media.

Image (CC): LEEROY agency on Pixabay.

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